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112GW WiFi instructions

Using Wi-Fi and phone APP software download

With the 112GW dash cam built-in Wi-Fi, you can use your smart device as a remote camera, viewfinder, and download files to your phone.

Downloading the Wi-Fi App

• The Wi-Fi app is available to download for free at the Apple App Store™ and Google Play Store™.
• Android users: Enter the Google Play Store™, search for ‘TimaCam’, download and install.
• iPhone users: Enter the Apple App Store™, search for ‘TimaCam’, download and install.

Pairing the camera to your device

  1. Turn on the camera, please stop recording first by pressing the REC button, then you can operate other buttons, please press and hold the OK button for about 3 seconds to star Wi-Fi function.
  2. The LCD will show the Wi-Fi SSID and password.
  3. Search for a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone/tablet, select the network and you will be prompted for a password; enter ‘12345678’ to proceed, once connected, only Wi-Fi function key can be used, press and hold Wi-Fi key to quit Wi-Fi function.
  4. Open the “TimaCam” application on your smartphone/tablet.